Patna City Central School

School Introduction

The School has adequate facilities to inculcate the quality education among the children. The classroom teaching in performed with the help of teaching aids in most of the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Civics & English etc. The school has almost all varieties of maps, models, charts, periodicals, instruments to impart more instructive an educative affair for integral and conceptual progress among the students. The primary section has been well equipped with computerized systems of education to arouse coherent interest among the children to education. Pictorial chart, adequate sets of magnetic alphabets in Hindi and English, Numerical tree etc. Are added facilities to keep the kids adhered to study. In fact, it is catered through play and learns system.

Patna City Central School
Aim and objective
The school provides Co-educational teaching.
I) We provide modern and psychological education foundation ti our student.
II) We enable students to follow, progressive views of India culture and our golden heritage.
III) We try to develop characteristics like honesty courage initiative, resourcefulness, humbleness, self - confidence and social responsibility.
IV) We inspire students for perfect growth and all round development e.g physical, mental and moral.
V) We provide good quality instruction to young children in well organised classroom. We also provide suitable physical condition to develop intellectual curiosity of every child's innate gift.
I) All books and stationeries con be had from the school.
II) Parents are requested to pay charge for excursion, tour, picnic etc.
III) Parents are again requested to meet the ward living in hostel on Sunday, they are requested to contact the Principal regarding the progress of the ward (s) living in hostel to discuss any academic problem and its possible solution.